Economic History Courses

The two courses in economic history exposes students to the application of economic analysis and basic quantitative methods to the study of history.

Students must take two of the following courses, including at least one upper-level economics history elective (at the 3000-level or higher).

ECHS BC2950 Measuring History: Empirical Approaches to Economic and Social History

ECON BC2012 Economic History of Western Europe

ECON BC3013 Economic History of the United States

ECON BC3022 Economic History of Europe

ECON BC3023 Topics in Economic History

(another 3000-level economic history course may be substituted, subject to the adviser's approval)

Seniors will finish the major by completing a two-semester senior thesis seminar sequence, ECHS BC3066-3067. They are four points each for a total of eight points. Senior theses will have a principal adviser from one of the two departments and a secondary adviser from the other.