History Courses - Economics and Social History Major

A. Economic and Social History majors will complete five courses in the History Department, starting with an introductory course at the 1000-level in a chosen field of specialization. (Students who have passed the AP exam in their region of specialization may substitute the 1000-level history course with another 3000-level lecture course from the approved list.)

B. Next, students select two lecture courses that focus significantly on the economy or economic thinking. These lecture courses introduce students to different historiographical approaches and ways of thinking about how the economy is situated in culture and society.

Lecture courses ( 2 courses)
HIST UN 2072 Daily Life in Medieval Europe
HIST BC 2101 History of Capitalism
HIST UN 2302 European Catastophe
HIST BC 2380 History of Food in Europe
HIST UN 2441 Making of the Modern American Landscape
HIST UN 2540 History of the South
HIST UN2950 Social History of American Public Health
HIST BC 3116 Filthy Lucre: A History of Money
HIST BC 3180 Merchants, Pirates, and Slaves in the Formation of Atlantic Capitalism: 1600-1800
HIST BC 3321 Colonial Encounters
HIST UN 3411 American Society in the Age of Capital
HIST UN 3503 American Labor in the 20th Century
HIST BC 3662 History of Latin America in the 19th Century
HIST UN 3665 Economic History of Latin America
HIST UN 3029 Roman Social History
HIST UN 3956 Globalization in History
HSEA GU 4884 Economic History of Modern China

C. The history component of the major concludes with two seminars, in which students conduct their own primary source research, which prepares them for the thesis writing process

Seminar courses (2 courses)
HIST UN 3009 Cities and Slavery in the Atlantic World
HIST UN 3429 Telling about the South
HIST UN 3437 Corporate Behavior and Public Health
HIST UN 3518 Columbia University and Slavery

HIST UN 3504 19th Century New York City
HIST BC 3670 Refugees, Asylum, and Detention
HIST GU 3962 Technology, Work, and Capital
HIST GU 4012 History of the City in Latin America
HIST GU 4029 Europe's Commerical Revolution
HIST BC 4062 Medieval Economic Life and Thought
HIST BC 4119 Capitalism and Enlightenment
HIST GU 4130 Early Modern Globalization: The North Atlantic World & the Dutch Connection
HIST GU 4318 Globalizing American Consumer Culture
HIST GU 4320 Marginalization and Medicine
HIST BC 4332 The Politics of Leisure in Modern Europe
HIST BC 4335 Poverty and Social Order in Europe
HIST GU 4434 The Atlantic Slave Trade
HIST UN 3582 Labor and Class Formation in African-American History, 1865- 1950
HIST GU 4318 Globalizing American Consumer Culture
HIST GU 4327 Consumer Culture in Modern Europe
HIST GU 4376 History of Commercial Revolutions
HIST GU 4518 Slavery and Emancipation in the US
HIST GU 4569 American Consumer Capitalism
HIST W 4588 Race, Drugs, and Inequality
HIST GU 4766 Slaves and Subjects in African History
HSEA GU 4884 Economic History of Modern China
HIST BC 4886 Fashion
HIST BC 4905 Capitalism, Colonialism, and Culture: A Global History
AFCV GU 4105 Intellectual Origins of Political Economy

(other appropriate courses may be substituted subject to the history adviser’s approval.)