Sequential Character - Economic and Social History Major

You will get more out of the major, and get better grades, if you attend to the pattern of prerequisites.

1. Intro before Theoretical Foundations and Macro Theory The introductory course ECON BC1003 is a prerequisite for ECON BC3041 and ECON BC3033.

2. Theoretical Foundations and Macro Theory before Economic History Requirements There is no economics prerequisite for Topics in Economic History (BC2014), but at least one intermediate theory courses (BC3033, BC 3035) is a prerequisite for Economic History of the U.S. (ECON UN3213 (at Columbia) may be substituted for ECON BC3033, and ECON UN3211 (at Columbia) may be substituted for BC3035.)

3. History Requirement Five courses. The first is an introductory at the 1000-level. Then two lecture courses must be taken before you take the required two seminar courses which require the permission of the instructor before you can take them.

4. Theoretical Perspectives, Economic History, and History Requirements before Thesis The Senior Thesis (the sequence ECH BC3066 - BC3067) is required for the Economic and Social History major. You should try to complete all requirements other than the thesis and perhaps one history seminar by the end of the junior year. At the end of your junior year, you should obtain the consent of a professor in either the Economics or History Department to serve as your principal thesis adviser. You and your major adviser will identify a professor from the other department to serve as a second reader. You should consult your major adviser during your junior year if you have any questions about how to find a thesis adviser.