Theoretical Perspectives - Economic and Social History Major

Students complete three theory-based courses in the Economics Department beginning with--

1. ECON BC1003 Introduction to Economic Reasoning, a new course that combines elements of the conventional Principles of Economics course with greater emphasis on questions of institutional and policy significance. Students will then take--

2. ECON BC3041 Theoretical Foundations of Political Economy, which introduces students to different economic discourses, including those defined by Adam Smith, Karl Marx and John Maynard Keynes.

3. ECON BC3033 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory offers more advanced instruction in the area of economic theory most relevant for studying the secular economic trends, business cycles, financial crises, or other economic events of broad historical significance.

[ECON UN3213 Intermediate Macroeconomics (at Columbia) may be substituted for ECON BC3033. Also, majors may take ECON BC3035 Intermediate Micro Theory, or ECON UN3211 Intermediate Microeconomics (at Columbia) instead of ECON BC3033 although be aware that Intermediate Micro has Calculus or ECON BC1007 Math Methods as prerequisite.]