Computational Track

Computational Track Requirements

16 Courses or their equivalents:  10 in Economics, Mathematics and 6 courses in Statistics:
Sequential Character Common Core Mathematics Thematic Focus Statistics


Course Title Course Number When Taken
Intro to Economic Reasoning1 ECON BC1003 Year 1
Theoretical Foundations of Political Economy ECON BC3041 1/2
Calculus II MATH UN1102 1
Calculus III MATH UN1201 1
Intermediate Macro Theory2 ECON BC3033 2
Intermediate Micro Theory3 ECON BC3035 2
Linear Algebra MATH UN2010 2/3
Upper-level Economics Elective    3
Upper-level Economics Elective    3/4
Calculus-Based Intro to Statistics STAT UN1201 1/2
Econometrics4 ECON BC3018 2
Applied Statistical Computing STAT UN2102 2/3
Applied Categorical Data Analysis STAT UN2104 2/3
Statistical Methods or Data Mining STAT UN3105 or STAT UN3106 3/4
Upper-level Statistics Elective5   3/4
Senior Seminar6 ECON BC3063 4

  1 Econ UN1105 (at Columbia) may be substituted for this requirement
  2 ECON UN3213 (at Columbia) may be substituted for BC3033
  3 ECON UN3211 (at Columbia) may be substituted for BC3035
  4 ECON UN3412 (at Columbia) or STAT UN2103 Applied Linear Regression may be substituted for ECON BC3018
  5 Such as STAT UN3106, STAT GU4203, STAT GU4204, STAT GU 4205 or a Computer Science elective
  6 A year-long senior thesis (ECON BC3062-62) may be substituted for the one-semester Senior Seminar