Economics Major (Economics Track)

The track in Economics teaches students the theory and the analytical and mathematical tools now expected of entering graduate students in economics and useful for graduate study in related fields such as business.

It is easiest to understand the requirements for the major in Economics (Economics Track) by reference to the Major Requirement Declaration Form. Take special note of the four dimensions of the major. Keeping these four dimensions in mind will help you to plan your program, and to avoid the most common missteps on the road to completion of the major. (See Tips and Caveats.)  


Sequential Character Common Core Quantitative Dimension Thematic Focus


Course Title Course Number When Taken
Intro to Economic Reasoning1 ECON BC1003 Year 1
Math Methods for Economics2 ECON BC1007 1
Intermediate Macro Theory3 ECON BC3033 2
Intermediate Micro Theory4 ECON BC3035 2
Theoretical Foundations of Political Economy ECON BC3041 2
Statistics for Economics5 ECON BC2411 2/3
Econometrics6 ECON BC3018 2/3
1. Open Economics Elective   3
2. Upper-Level Economics Elective   3
3. Upper-Level Economics Elective   3
Senior Thesis I or Senior Seminar   4
Senior Thesis II or Upper-Level Elective   4

1ECON UN1105 (at Columbia) may be substituted for BC1003

2Calculus I and III (MATH UN1101, MATH UN1201) may be substituted for ECON BC1007 to satisfy the Math Methods requirement. Students with an AP score of AB or BC = 4 or higher and are placed out of Calculus I are exempt from taking this course and should start with Calculus III. Honor’s Mathematics I & II may be substituted for two semesters of Calculus I & III.

3ECON UN3213 (at Columbia) may be subsituted for BC3033.

4ECON UN3211 (at Columbia) may be substituted for BC3035.

5STAT UN1101 (formerly STAT W1111),  STAT UN1201 (formerly 
STAT W1211), PSYC BC1101, BUSI G6014,  SIEO W3600 or STAT GU4001 (formerly SIEO W4150) may be substituted for ECON BC2411. [Note: If you minor or double major in Psychology and you take Psych BC1101, you must take an additional open economics elective in order to maintain the same total number of courses --Barnard does not allow you to double count courses from both deparrtments.]

6ECON UN3412 (at Columbia) may be substituted for ECON BC3018.