Sequential Character - Economics Track

You will get more out of the major, and get better grades, if you attend to the pattern of prerequisites.

1. Intro before Core An introductory course (BC1003 or UN1105) is a prerequisite for the core courses.

2. Calculus before Core Math Methods for Economics or one semester of calculus is a prerequisite for Intermediate Micro Theory (BC3035).

3. Statistics before Econometrics One semester of statistics is a prerequisite for Econometrics (BC3018).

4. Core before Thematic Focus At least one of the core theory courses (BC3033, BC 3035) and sometimes both are prerequisite for all upper level electives. (ECON UN3213 (at Columbia) may be substituted for ECON BC3033 , and ECON UN3211 (at Columbia) may be substituted for BC3035.)

5. Core, Quantitative, and Thematic Focus before Thesis The Senior Thesis or Seminar builds on the entire major. This means you should try to complete all requirements (other than the thesis or seminar) by the end of the 1st semester of the senior year.