Thematic Focus -Economics Track

Economics track majors in the graduating class of 2012 and after must now complete one open economics elective in addition to the two upper-level economics electives plus the senior requirement in order to satisfy the thematic focus dimension. The new "open" elective may be either a lower-level (2000-level) or an upper-level elective course.

Students in the Economics Track formerly could not use a lower-level elective to satisfy the electives requirement unlike in the Political Economy Track where they could. The introduction of an open elective requirement restores the minimum number of required courses for the Economics Track to eleven courses.

"Upper-level" elective means that the course has one or both Intermediate Theory courses (ECON BC3033 or BC3035) as prerequisite. It's a good idea to plan ahead, which means identifying the electives you want and organizing your common core sequence in order to have the appropriate prerequisite at the right time.

The primary purpose of the economics electives requirement is to solidify your understanding of the common core concepts and tools by applying them to some specific set of problems or issues. A secondary purpose is to provide you with background in a particular area on which you can subsequently build in your senior thesis or seminar.

The senior requirement comprises three different options:

1. seminar option (BC3063 plus elective),
2. thesis option (BC3061-2), and
3. combined seminar/thesis option (BC3063/BC3062 This option is subject to department approval).

Whichever option you choose, two courses are required.