Minor in Economics

The minor in Economics requires 5 courses, including

  • One introductory course (ECON BC1003, or UN1105)
  • Two economics electives at any level
  • One intermediate theory course (ECON BC3033, BC3035)
  • One economics elective that requires an intermediate theory prerequisite

These are the minimal requirements. If you want to use the minor to prepare for graduate study in Business, Law, Public Administration, International Affairs, or Economics you should take a strong minor such as

  • One introductory course (ECON BC1003 or UN1105)
  • Two intermediate theory courses (ECON BC3033 and BC 3035)
  • Statistics for Economics (ECON BC2411)
  • One upper level economics elective

(Note that the "strong" minor is not an official designation. It is merely a list of suggested courses you could use to satisfy the economics minor while giving you better preparation for future graduate study.)

After completing the requirements, you formally elect a minor by bringing the Minor Declaration Form (available from the Registrar) to the Department Chair for signature.